Students taking private lessons will move through the practices found below, following the Russian Academic methodology.  This method is a progressive and intuitive approach to art training, each practice building on the next.  Within this curriculum students begin or revisit the fundamentals and can move through at their own pace as concepts and ideas are grasped.  During an initial consultation and planning session, exercises can be signed off based on an artist's prior experience, training, or ability.  

Each day students receive 3 hours of instruction & critique, and the remainder of their day they have access to the studio to complete projects & assignments.  Storage space is provided for each student for their supplies and works.  Students are also free to join any course, workshop, or model session on their days of study, with instruction, at no additional cost.

If an artist does not wish to follow the curriculum below, individual courses on any of the methods and practices can be requested.  Please email with any questions.

Stages of Curriculum

Level I

The focus of this stage is to introduce the concept of constructive drawing, the practice of quick sketches, and to familiarize the student with the features of the face and the various art materials and mediums. A focus is also given to color theory and the development of a feel for color.

Lecture & Demo: Color Science/Color Sketches

Lecture & Demo: Perspective

Lecture & Demo: Quick Sketches

Lecture: Art Materials & Techniques

Perspective Drawing

Schemes of Geometric Shapes in varying perspectives

Drawing Still-life 1: Geometric Shapes

Painting Still-life 1: Geometric Shapes (grisaille)

Cast Drawing or Painting 1: Nose

Cast Drawing or Painting 2: Eye

Cast Drawing or Painting 3: Mouth

Cast Drawing or Painting 4: Ear

Mastercopy 1: Master Drawing

Mastercopy 2: Master Drawing

Color Sketches

Quick Sketches from life

Level III

In the third stage students begin to fully apply what they have learned to portraiture. The concept that drawing and painting are interrelated is further explained in the exercises as students progress from busts to live portraits. A study of fleshtones and color relationships continues.

Painting Still-life 4: multiple objects, cloth, and bust (full palette)

Painting Still-life 5: multiple objects, cloth, and bust (full palette)

Portrait Drawing Long Pose 1

Portrait Painting Long Pose 1: grisaille

Mastercopy 4: Portrait Painting

Portrait Painting Long Pose 1: full palette

Composition practice

Color Sketches of portrait & figure

Quick Sketches from life

Level II

In this second stage the student begins an intensive study of anatomy, beginning with the anatomy involved in portraiture. The stages of drawing are also taught, with a focus on the stage of construction. Focus is also given on continuing a study of color, particularly those of fleshtones.

Lecture & Demo: Drawing the Head

Lecture & Demo: Fleshtones

Lecture & Demo: Figure Drawing: The Rough Drawing

Lecture & Demo: Constructive Drawing

Constructive Anatomy Study: Head, Neck, and Shoulder Girdle

Drawing Still-life 2: multiple objects with cloth

Painting Still-life 2: multiple objects with cloth (full palette)

Cast Drawing 5: Constructive Drawing of Bust

Cast Drawing 6: Bust

Painting Still-life 3: multiple object, cloth, and bust (full palette)

Mastercopy 3: Paintings of Hands (3-5 copies)

Lecture: Composition

Composition studies

Color Sketches

Quick Sketches from life of figures

Level IV

This stage is one of the most important to the artist. Students begin an intensive study of anatomy, and its relationship to successful figurative work. Focus is given to the concept of figure drawing as a method of study, practice, memorization, and understanding of the human form.

Figure Drawing Long Pose 1

Constructive Anatomy Study: Torso

Constructive Anatomy Study: Head and Neck

Constructive Anatomy Study: Arms and Hands

Constructive Anatomy Study: Pelvis, Legs and Feet

Mastercopy 5: Portrait with Hands

Composition practice

Color Sketches

Quick Sketches from life

Level V

All of the fundamentals and gained base of knowledge comes into application within this stage, as students focus on portraiture and painting the human figure.

Figure Drawing Long Pose 2

Figure Painting Long Pose 1: grisaille

Portrait Drawing Long Pose 3

Portrait Painting Long Pose 3: full palette

Mastercopy 6: Full-Figure

Composition practice

Color Sketches

Quick Sketches from life

Level VI

This stage focused on the implementation and practice of ability to paint the human portrait and figure. Portraits and figure paintings become progressively larger in size and increase in complexity, both to challenge the student as well as focus instruction on color relationships and compositional solutions.

Figure Drawing Long Pose 3

Figure Painting Long Pose 3: full palette

Portrait Drawing Long Pose 4

Portrait Painting Long Pose 4: full palette

Composition practice