The atelier is pleased to offer 3 artists the opportunity to receive art training on the Russian Academic methods for the entire month of September, free of charge, with no contract, signing, fees, or obligations.

Free Month of Study


3 artists will be selected to study the Russian Academic approach to painting and drawing at the atelier of Eric J. Heywood in Provo, Utah. Selected artists can choose to study Full or Part-Time from 3pm to 9pm Monday through Friday, according to the atelier's schedule. Students will also be given studio access for the entirety of each day to work on projects and assigned exercises. In addition to lessons, the selected artists will have the opportunity to attend any Drop-In Courses and Workshops held in the month of September at no additional cost. The Workshop scheduled for September is Portrait Drawing. Selected artists are given the option to begin the Russian Academic curriculum as outlined here, or to study outside the curriculum. For example, the student can choose to spend the month focusing solely on anatomy, composition, landscape, still-life, cast drawing, or any other exercise or practice offered at the atelier. Based on the applicants prior training, experience, and ability, they may spend the month in advanced studies.

How to Apply

Artists wishing to apply must send the following items by email to ericheywoodart@gmail.com In the body of the email please list the following: First Name/Last Name Age City and State where you reside Instagram (Not required. Used to announce winners) Attachments: 1. Portfolio (5-10 works in one pdf file. Include the title and specifications for each work) 2. Personal Statement (750 word max explaining your experience, training, and art goals) 3. If under 18 yrs of age (signed letter from a parent/legal guardian granting permission to study)


This opportunity is open to artists of all ages and backgrounds. Application is not solely based on ability. In addition to a portfolio, artists must submit a personal statement. Those artists displaying passion, drive, motivation, and desire to learn will have high consideration. Artists under the age of 18 must submit a signed letter from their parent/legal guardian granting them permission to study. This letter can be scanned/attached to the entry email. DEADLINE FOR ENTRY IS July 31, 2021 at 5pm.


If you have any questions, please contact at ericheywoodart@gmail.com

Terms & Conditions

1. Applicants must follow all the instructions above to be eligible. 2. Artists will not be selected solely on merit or artistic ability. The personal statement of each artist will carry as much weight as their portfolio. 3. Any artist selected under the age of 18 must attend a scheduled meeting with their parent or guardian present, prior to beginning their studies in September. 4. There is no entry fee required. 5. The deadline for entry is July 31, 2021 at midnight. 6. Winners will be announced Saturday August 7th on this website and Instagram, and notified by email. 7. Winners will be selected by artist Eric J. Heywood. 8. By applying, selected artists agree to the use of their name and instagram (if provided) in publicity measures announcing the winners. 9. Selected artists agree to attend their scheduled days of study, determined by themselves prior to beginning. Any selected artist who is regularly late or absent will not be eligible for future contests. 10. There are no contracts, signing, fees, or obligations associated with this free month of study.

Deadline & Notification

DEADLINE FOR ENTRY IS July 31, 2021 at 5pm. Notifications will be made August 7, 2021.