275 B East 300 South Provo, Utah


Russian Academic Atelier


The Russian Academic Atelier is the private working studio of artist Eric Heywood, providing training on the Russian Classical approach to painting and drawing. 


"My vison for this atelier is simple...

...I have a great appreciation for the Russian Academic method of artistic training, and its intuitive application to all forms of art.  I am opening this space for three reasons: to continue my artistic development, to have a space to create, and to share locally what I have learned abroad.  For those wishing to supplement their own artistic training I am offering workshops, lectures, and Drop-In sessions.  Within each of these, if our numbers are few, you can expect me to set up an easel and work right alongside you, pausing for instruction, guidance, and critique.  For those wishing a more intensive study following the Russian Academic curriculum, I will bring on a small number of students (once-a-week, part-time, full-time), working with each student at their own pace—guiding, directing, encouraging, teaching, and motivating.  The Russian Academic method is a classical method of training, and students can expect training on the fundamentals of art, technique, materials, anatomy, color, and composition—all by traditional academic practices.  These will include still-life, casts, painting and drawing portraiture, sketching, color studies, painting and drawing from the live model, anatomy studies, copying masters, and plein air. 

Some of the practices within this method are constructive drawing, Mastercopy, a thorough study of anatomy, recurring instruction and focus on composition, life sketching, and color theory.  No matter your skill level, you will begin right away working with color and drawing from the model.  Neglecting or putting these off by considering them an overwhelming distraction is a mistake.  A sculptor must have the ability to draw, but we would never have them avoid clay.  As painters, since light is color, then color is our clay and we must spend years developing our ability with it.


 I am excited to meet and work with you, no matter the level you are at.  We are all students.  Sempre studenti."

—Eric Heywood


Courses Offered

  • Russian Alla Prima Painting

  • Russian Academic Drawing

  • Human Anatomy

  • Figure Drawing & Painting

  • Portrait Drawing & Painting

  • Color Science and Color Sketching in Oil

  • The Russian Academic approach to Composition

  • Cast Drawing

  • Costumed Portraiture

  • Plein Air

  • Art Techniques and Materials

Email : ericheywoodart@gmail.com